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The codetoday community

We encourage students to code independently, and inevitably, this means learners will quickly have questions about their code. The community is the place to ask those questions and get our feedback and support.

There is something special about being part of a community with a common interest. Our exclusive community forum for codetoday students is a place where children (ages 7-16) can get more support with their coding, even when classes aren't in session. Each post is carefully monitored by our expert coding instructors, and questions are answered quickly.

Our mission is to make coding accessible and share knowledge. Our online forum is helping us achieve our mission, and you can be part of it.


  • Support beyond live lessons

  • Different perspectives on coding

  • Knowledge sharing and learning

  • Teamwork

  • Consolidate learning

  • Access to the codetoday community

Support beyond live lessons

Our students love to code - even outside of their lessons. Our community is only open to codetoday students ages 7-16 and is closely monitored by our team to ensure a supportive and effective place for children to get help with their coding questions. Our expert instructors are always on hand to support students that are wanting to keep coding in their spare time. We created this community to offer 360 support to our students, so even if your next class is a week away, that doesn't have to stop then writing code.

Different perspectives on coding

Understanding other people's points of view and approaches to code is a crucial skill and fundamental to mastering code. Being a part of an online community allows our students to listen to other points of view about writing code. This is key to taking their learning to the next level. The codetoday forum's members are all still learning to code, and that in itself brings a unique perspective. In addition to our regular coding classes, children can extend their knowledge by having conversations about Python and how to develop their skills. Each post is closely monitored by codetoday instructors.

"We do not live in isolation, and each person has to engage and work with others to be successful or get anything done. In order to work effectively with people, it's incredibly important that we are able to engage in perspective taking. ".

Knowledge sharing

Sharing knowledge is key to development. Long gone are the days of keeping good ideas to yourself. Sharing them and getting different perspectives can make a good idea a fantastic idea. Getting feedback from others who have 'been there, done that' accelerates learning quickly. Our forum enables knowledge sharing in a space where conversations are facilitated by codetoday vetted instructors.

Teamwork in coding

Taking part in a coding community can also help build teamwork skills. This can be a tricky skill for children to master; however, working together can create better solutions. Although we may all have a mental image of developers sitting at their computers writing lines of code at their keyboard on their own, the reality is that programmers work in teams - a lot.

Students are welcome to add their code to be discussed, improved, and praised. This enables collaboration skills to develop. Our community encourages and inspires, and helps students to develop their coding and communication skills.

Coding consolidation in the community

Consolidation of learning is fundamental when learning to code, and our online community is always helpful and keen to help solve coding challenges. Often students have an idea about a program they want to write by need some guidance to get started. Our team can help with this on the forum.

Talking of challenges...We have big plans for our community and will soon be posting codetoday coding challenges for students at all levels. These are designed to inspire, engage and encourage creative problem-solving. Most of all, they are going to be FUN! Check out our blog on how coding in a real language is fun.

Access to the codetoday community

Our forums are open to codetoday students only. Learners can access the community as part of their monthly subscription. Our students will receive a welcome email with details of accessing the community once their subscription is activated.

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