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What should you expect from this blog?

West Hampstead - home to CodeToday

In this blog we want to reflect who we are: a local business passionate about helping everyone learn computer coding. I will therefore blog about computer programming, of course, but also about my local community in West Hampstead and Hampstead, and about my views on educating our children (not just coding!) as a parent and educator.

You can read all about our services elsewhere on our website, here I want to focus on providing something useful to the local community. You should expect to hear about our Scholarship scheme that aims to provide 15% of all places on our courses free to children who might otherwise not have the opportunity to explore their potential as computer programmers. We will deliver free micro-courses through these blog pages to get people of all ages who have never coded to write simple computer programs.

And surely the content on these pages will evolve as we interact and communicate with our local community.

#Community #Hampstead #WestHampstead

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