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Coding is just the start this February Half Term

We've made some changes to the format of our holiday coding camps for 2020. Sessions now run longer with more booking flexibility. This means you have the option of either 3 or 5 days, mornings only or full days through to 4:30pm. We've also simplified the booking process, we no longer book children into specific age groups and split these based on whether they have attended a course with us before or not. At the start of the camp the students will be split up based on age and coding experience. These small groups will ensure they get the most from their time with us, learning with students of similar ability and age led by an expert instructor through the camp.

As ever with all our camps we begin at the beginning teaching the fundamentals and refreshing the knowledge for those who haven't coded for a while. We then move quickly into project based learning, shaped by the interests of each individual group.

Whilst the focus of every camp is on learning to code we also emphasise the skills that coding nurtures. This is where children really benefit from a coding education as coding is an amazing catalyst for a whole host of skills.

Problem solving

Coding at its heart is about problem solving. Coding requires a problem to be broken down into smaller chunks, understanding each element and then creating a logical process in code to arrive at the solution.

Critical and logical thinking

Analysing a situation and thinking logically are fundamental in coding and something we nurture through our camps and courses. Computers work on logic and it's this mindset that's important when talking to them. It's also a mindset that pays dividends across academia and beyond.


Whilst most of us still see creativity as an artistic endeavour, creativity is defined as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. Code is the perfect medium for creative children, it literally is only limited by the imagination of the coder. Ideas brought to life in code have shaped the world over the last 15 or so years and they will shape the future.


We all know the value of resilience in children, sometimes we call this a growth mindset, we used to call it not giving up, but we know it's important for the real world. Coding nurtures this in spades. Half the time coding is about failure, understanding this and starting again with a goal to improve the outcome. This test, learn, refine approach is a natural part of learning to code.

Team work

Coding is often seen as a solo pursuit but this couldn't be farther from the truth. Codetoday encourages children to explore problems in their small groups and to work together to find solutions. The coding community is inherently supportive and we foster this in our students who we actively encourage to help each other along the way guided by our expert instructors.

In line with our new approach for 2020 we are also inviting parents to pre-register interest in the course. Between now and a few weeks before we will keep you up to date with developments, place availability and most importantly the priority booking window. Priority booking will only be available to those who have pre-registered and this will guarantee your son or daughter a place on the course. It's the best thing to do to ensure you don't miss out on a place.

Click below for more information and to book.



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