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Coding, the language of the future.

As we move full steam ahead into the digital age it's becoming more and more apparent that coding is the language of the future. Mastering this language is a prerequisite for anyone embracing this future laid out in front of us. A future that will be defined by technology and our ability to create and interact with it.

It's not a new reference to refer to coding as a language. In fact like spoken languages there are numerous programming languages in use today. Python, the language we teach, is just one of many. Like learning any language we believe it's important that students learn something that is actually being used in the real world. That's why we've ensured our curriculum works just as well with someone aged seven as it does for someone in their 30's. Of course the pace and style of delivery is different, and the projects we use are tailored towards the specific groups, but they are both ultimately learning the same thing.

The importance of having this skill cannot be underestimated, learning to code is vital.. Technology pervades every aspect of our lives and this will only increase over time. Even sectors thought immune to technological progress are now being disrupted. Computers can now build more efficient antibiotics, screen for cancer and perform a raft of legal tasks more efficiently than humans. That's not to say the role of humans is obsolete, far from it. We teach courses to a number of businesses and individuals looking to enhance their existing work skills. Many work with data on a daily basis and the ability to have the computer do all the heavy lifting far more efficiently than we ever could is freeing them up to do more of the important stuff.

The real advantage of coding is not just learning the language and how to use it but the skills it builds along the way. Unlike other languages programming languages are rooted it the system that drives technology: logic. Mastering this helps with logical thinking and particularly problem solving. Most programming aims to achieve an outcome and this harnesses the problem solving and creative thinking skills of coders in a way that other languages cannot.

It's often self defeating to look further into the future and predict where we will be but we can safely say technology is not going anywhere. Having these skills, much as one would put great value in learning a foreign language 20 years ago, ensures the student is best placed to open up opportunities that may elude those that don't.

Codetoday run a variety of courses and course formats for children and adults; after-school, at weekends and during school holidays.

Latest courses, adult sessions 23rd March.



Python Coding for Young People


Codetoday Unlimited is for the curious teenager or preteen keen to learn proper Python coding. Stephen's courses start from the basics and carry on to intermediate and advanced levels.

Python Coding for Adults

The Python Coding Place is Stephen's platform full of courses and other resources for beginners and intermediate learners. The focus is on clarity and Stephen's unique communication style.

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