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March adult Python courses: What's in store?

This March sees the first adult Python courses of 2020. We have two adult beginner Python courses running simultaneously. The first, an Introduction to Programming using Python and the second an Introducing Programming using Python: Focus on Quantitative Applications.

Each course is a great introduction to programming using Python and aims to quickly get you up to speed with the basics and developing your own code. The Quantitative Applications course extends this knowledge for those working with data and in analysis fields with real examples of Python applications to support typical activities. Both contain a six month support package to continue your learning once the course element has been completed.

Course details:

An Introduction to Programming Using Python

What: The course is designed for those who wish to start exploring this subject for personal or professional reasons. It covers the fundamental skills and tools in programming which are required whatever application one wishes to pursue with programming. Six months support package included.

When: 23rd - 24th March, 9:30am - 5pm

Where: South Kensington

Fee: £590.00

Introducing Programming Using Python:

Focus on Quantitative Applications

What: The course is designed for those who wish to start learning programming, including for applications in data-driven fields such as finance, science, data analysis and more. The first part covers the fundamental skills and tools in programming and the second part focuses on the quantitative aspects and tools. Six months support package included.

When: 23rd - 25th March, 9:30am - 5pm

Where: South Kensington

Fee: £790.00

In addition all adult Python courses include:

Course resources:

- the instructor’s version of code written during the course session;

- video tutorials covering some of the key aspects of the course;

- detailed notes on concepts and topics covered.


- Online support during the course and six months of our online support package following the course in which you will be able to share your code through our course management system with your instructor, ask questions and receive feedback and guidance on how to deal with any issues, errors and bugs.

- Instructions and support for installing the required (free) software ahead of the course.

A Python programming course with codetoday is a great way to begin your journey with code. Whether that's for fun and personal interest or to support your current or future work role. The course itself is just the beginning of the support provided by codetoday's experienced instructors. They are on hand during the course and for a further six months to field questions and provide feedback and guidance.

Register for more information via the link below



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