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Shaking things up for February Half Term.

I know, it's not even Christmas yet! February half term coding courses feel like a long way away at the moment but we wanted to tell you early about the new holiday course format we are introducing starting from 2020 and give you an opportunity to register interest early so you don't miss out on a place.

Let's start with the things that are not changing: our focus of high quality teaching of programming is what defines codetoday. We believe coding should also be taught properly, in an academically thorough way. This is why all our courses use Python and not children-specific platforms. Our curriculum blends a thorough approach to coding with engaging and creative projects and forms the foundation of every course and club we run.

What we are changing is the format of our holiday courses to make them more flexible for parents and also more suitable for helping students at whatever stage they're in. The new holiday clubs will have several sessions at different levels happening at the same time and students will participate in the sessions suitable for them based on age and experience.

All programming concepts will be introduced and consolidated through projects that are engaging and that encourage the students to use their own creativity. All sessions are very hands on with students having plenty of time to code independently, under the expert guidance of our team of instructors.

During afternoon sessions, each student will work on their own projects. They can choose from a list of project ideas based on what stage of our curriculum they are currently at, or come up with their own ideas of course. Our instructors will guide them into choosing the right project and then will assist them through all the stages of the project, from planning the code to writing it, testing it and fixing errors and bugs. This approach helps students consolidate their knowledge from the morning sessions and gain experience with being confident at coding independently.

Depending on what you are looking for, you will be able to choose between mornings only or full day sessions either for the full week or only part of the week. Our sessions also include 'unplugged' exercises in which students will not be sitting in front of a laptop. This is important both as part of the learning process and also to ensure best practices when working with computer displays.

Pricing for February half term starts at £170 which includes the camp and all the follow up materials and support from the codetoday team to ensure students can continue to code even the camp finishes.

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