Who's benefitting from learning with codetoday

Up until about a decade ago, programming was a field 'reserved' for a select few, shrouded in mystery. Outside of those who wrote software and games, there were on very few specialised fields in other professions who needed to know how to code. This has changed a lot in recent years, in part driven by the increasing amount of data available in most areas. More and more professions now can benefit from having programming as an additional skill. That's why we are offering a range of Python courses to suit the needs of modern professionals.

Below are some examples of people who have learnt Python with codetoday.

X is an analyst at an investment bank in the City. A lot of her work involves collecting data from several sources, collating them into a spreadsheet and then performing several mathematical and statistical tests on these data to understand links between various variables and spot any trends. She also spends quite a bit of time finding good ways of visualising results. Although she has become en expert in using Excel to its maximum capabilities, she noticed some of her colleagues who were spending less time playing around with the data and were obtaining more detailed analysis of it. They also weren't using Excel at all but were instead writing their own scripts using Python. This is when she realised she needed to step into the world of programming, both because she wanted to be able to be more efficient and productive in her work (and eliminate some of the boring work in Excel) but also, equally importantly, because she didn't want the risk of becoming obsolete in her workplace as more and more colleagues start to use programming to work on their data.

Y is a chemist who just joined a well known food manufacturing company straight after finishing his PhD as part of their research and development team. Part of his work will incl