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Coding in the Sun - CodeToday’s visit to Malta

Coding in Malta

One of the tougher decisions to make in Winter is where to travel to in the Summer. It may be cold, and dark, and damp outside but the thought of spending a few weeks in the warm sunshine somewhere by the sea is enough to keep us going. And coffee, of course.

Not that we needed any of that to keep us going over the winter months (except for the coffee). The enthusiasm and energy of the children attending our courses provides us with all the motivation we need.

Still, we were planning our Summer getaway at the time. The result of that planning was to take our increasingly popular Python coding courses out of London for the first time to run two weeks of courses in Malta.

So here are the highlights from our two week stay in Malta

– The view from the window first thing in the morning (bottom of page)

– The flowery scene coded by one of our younger cohorts (below)

– The best pizza on the island:

– The hard work put in by one of the students in between sessions to fully-customise the game we were working on

– Pastizzi for breakfast (Google them)

– An evening stroll by the sea when it’s a bit cooler (top of page)

– The dedication of one of the students who was actually in Malta on holiday, and came straight from the airport for his first session

– Waiting 90 minutes for the luggage to make it from the plane to the terminal at Heathrow on the way back. I got to finish reading my book!

Python Programming in Malta


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