Creating Independent Coders

Creating Independent Coders

Learning how to code has many similarities with learning a foreign language. You can learn the vocabulary and the grammar and you will soon be able to read text in the new language reasonably well. But speaking or writing in the new language can be a bit harder at first and needs more time, and importantly, needs more practice.

When learning how to code, learning new commands is not the most important thing. Learning the grammar, or syntax, of the language is important. But learning to think in the right way is probably the most important skill to master. And this is the sort of skill that improves a lot with practice.

To become independent coders, students need to be able to start from a blank screen and know how to get going with a project. This step can be more challenging then it sounds. It is easier to add something to a program that is partially written rather than to start writing from scratch.

An important part of a coding curriculum is the focus on helping learners become proficient, independent coders. At codetoday, all of us come from a background in which we use or have used coding professionally in various areas. For this reason we have always placed a lot of importance on helping students become proficient.

How Do We Help Students Become Independent Coders

There are three important aspects of what we do that focus on making sure our students progress towards becoming independent coders:

  • We include planning of code as an integral part of our live sessions

  • We s