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Goblin Hunt >>> Lesson 0: We need something to program in

So we need to write a computer program. Where do we do this? There are many programming languages out there and we will use one called Python (named after Monty Python, don't ask!)

You could install Python on your computer, but for the purposes of this brief micro-course I will recommend a web-based version which means you don't need to install anything. (If you did want to install Python on your computer email me and I'll send instructions)

Go to and that's it, you're ready to start writing Python code.

You will write the lines of code in the white space on the left of the screen and press the Run button when you want to run your code - the program will run in the black section of the screen on the right.

Now we're ready to start writing Python code. Let's go to Lesson 1 to start building this very simple game.

Throughout this micro-course, please feel free to get in touch on with any problems and queries.

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