Meet Real-World Coders: Coding at Work Interviews

You've probably hear the word coding often. Sometimes it's called by its other name: programming. Your children learn to code and you've heard about how coding is important in today's world. But why is it important? How is it used in the real world? Is it just for making websites, apps, and games? [No, no, and no]

We're launching the Coding at Work series. This is a series of interviews with real-world people who use coding as part of their work. We won't focus just on those who are full-time programmers but we'll look at people from across the whole spectrum. Scientists, mathematicians, astronomers, and many more.

In most cases, these people will have jobs that don't include "programmer" or "developer" in their job title but who rely on coding in their work.

We want to showcase how coding is used in the real world to both parents and students. This will help students get a better understanding of this fascinating subject and parents to better comprehend what their children are learning…and maybe parents may be tempted to learn to code themselves, too!


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