A-Z of Codetoday's Coding Curriculum and Progression Through the Levels

One of the core principles we have always believed in at codetoday is that coding should be taught to children as a serious, academic subject and not as a lightweight activity just to keep the kids occupied.

This is why we have a very detailed and extensive curriculum upon which all our courses are based. Our curriculum starts from the basic fundamentals and extends all the way through intermediate and advanced topics. Students and their parents can decide how far they want to go on their coding learning journey, and we can help them all along the way, no matter how far they wish to go.

We have also designed our courses so that students can progress through the codetoday levels at their own pace by dividing our teaching into short courses that give parents and students great flexibility on whether to do several courses back-to-back or whether to space them out more.

In this post, we will look in more depth at the codetoday curriculum, what's in it and how it is structured, and at the way we teach our curriculum through our courses, both private courses and our very popular Live Online Python coding for kids courses that run all year round.

The Curriculum